Three Open Innovation Services

MEZeroE ecosystem offering open access to knowledge, know-how, technologies, product and services that ZEB stakeholders can provide. Any own challenge can become an open innovation challenge: sharing risks, enhancing processes and probability of success will help bring several more ideas to the market effectively!


A service to help you secure certifications and markings

Framework procedures for certification and marking

The solution you need for cost-effective measurement and verification in living labs

Cost-effective measurement & verification smart kit for living…

Here to support you in bringing your ideas to life, guidance from first idea to market

Get access to expert guidance on open innovation, using a digital…

Matchmaking Focused on Product Development

Finding the adequate partner’s product development

This matchmaking service helps to find an adequate partner in product development for…

Matchmaking Focused on Product Commercialization

Finding the adequate partner’s product commercialization

This matchmaking service helps to find an adequate partner in product…

A clear informative path to CE marking

A guide toward European Conformity marking

If your product needs the certification of its construction, this clear path will guide the…

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Nurturing Healthy Indoor Environments

This specialized service prioritizes health and well-being, by integrating cutting-edge sensors…

Support methods for digitalization of the construction products

A digital outcome from product characterization

The customer will be aware of the digital outcomes that can result from characterization…

Expert Mentorship in Cross-Sectoral Innovation

Products development toward cross-sectorial contaminations

A new product, that needs additional competences to be completed, will…