Who we are?

We are MEZeroE

We are an open innovation ecosystem, an essential link between laboratories and markets, a network from which the next habitat paradigm must be born.

We are researchers, industrialists, engineers, architects, scientists, private organizations, universities, designers, journalists. We are lucid and realistic. But also and above all optimistic.

WE have created MEZeroE. We are MEZeroE!


Mission and Vision

Our Manifesto

Since the dawn of time, our species has shown ingenuity to survive in environments which, because of their indifference, are often hostile to us. We first explored caves, seeing in these natural cavities protective places. Then we developed all kinds of mobile and temporary habitats taking into account various geographical, cultural and organizational specificities - huts, tipis, yurts, igloos, cabins. Later on, we built villages, which over time became huge towns and then megacities. Today, we are able to build towers exceeding one kilometer in height. Over time, the ingenuity that served us so well for so long has become a problem by disconnecting us from nature, from its resources, from its rhythm. Our economic, industrial, urban and architectural paradigm is now a real ecological time bomb.

MEZeroE’s mission is to create a fertile ecosystem in the shape of a multi-sided virtual marketplace, open to encourage ‘cross-fertilization’ among stakeholders in the construction industry. This ecosystem will provide turn-key startup and upscaling services for modelling, testing, and monitoring near zero energy buildings enabler envelope technology solutions while, at the same time, setting up a comprehensive knowledge management environment and customized training.

MEZeroE’s vision will help redefine the building industry, bringing profound changes to its marketplace and establishing an ecosystem in which the design and construction of near zero-energy buildings are an integral part of the landscape.