Multilayer dry nEESs (nZEB Enabler Envelope Solutions) characterization facing Health and Safety requirements

Provides an opportunity to prioritize health and safety while exploring multilayer dry nEESs. It delivers innovative and sustainable envelope systems through advanced testing and modelling techniques.

This comprehensive approach seamlessly integrates various disciplines to ensure full compliance with safety standards for structural elements and envelope solutions. By conducting rigorous full-scale tests, employing cutting-edge numerical modelling techniques, and analysing energy performance, PM&VL6 actively supports the development and integration of ground-breaking solutions in the dry envelope systems market. This exceptional line provides you with unrivalled access to innovative, safe, and sustainable envelope systems that push the boundaries of what is possible. Furthermore, Pilot Line 6 doesn’t just offer remarkable envelope systems; it also provides invaluable support in expanding your awareness of advanced solutions that significantly enhance your well-being and contribute to a more sustainable future. By embracing all that this line offers, you are taking a significant stride towards a future where safety, sustainability, and innovation go hand in hand.

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