Mechanical and durability tests of connectors and their influence on vibroacoustic, thermal and microclimate comfort

Offers a valuable benefit by providing a comprehensive testing platform. It allows you to evaluate the mechanical and durability aspects of connectors in nZEB envelopes, ensuring optimal comfort and performance in your projects. By understanding the impact of various factors on connection safety and performance, you can confidently choose the most suitable connectors for your specific needs, enhancing overall project quality and user satisfaction.

PM&VL 7 focuses specifically on conducting complex tests on various types of connections found in nZEB envelopes. For example, it examines the performance of polyurethane flexible joints between different envelope components, steel connectors between structural elements, brick panels joined with steel wires, bonding of membranes and tapes with each other and with other envelope materials, sandwich panels, and window joints. By using PM&VL 7, you can assess a wide range of factors that can affect the connections, including environmental, chemical, biological, and mechanical factors. It’s important to understand how these factors can lead to a reduction in vibroacoustic and thermo-humidity parameters of the nZEB elements. Armed with this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about the selection and performance of connectors and joined elements in your projects.

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