Enables a full-scale performance evaluation of the thermal and optical characteristics as well as comfort criteria of transparent, multi-functional facade elements

Empowers you to control solar gain in semi-transparent envelope components with cost-effective methods for measuring and simulating BSDF matrices. It enhances your understanding of complex facade systems, reduces risks through mock-up tests and in-situ evaluations, and provides a reliable assessment of solar gains. PM&VL8 enables you to optimize solar gain control and improve the performance of facade components in practical settings.

It offers you a test-chain for thermal-optical characterization of advanced facade systems. One of its key features is the measurement and numerical simulation of bidirectional scattering distribution function (BSDF) matrices, which are crucial for the visual characterization of facade systems. Previously, measuring BSDFs required expensive equipment, but PM&VL8 provides you with cost-effective methods for measurement and simulation. It aims to document your experiences, methods, and applications to support new product developments and early design stage planning.
Additionally, PM&VL8 focuses on the coupled simulation of daylight, artificial light, and thermal behaviour of buildings using BSDF information. The development also involves mock-up tests under real outdoor conditions and in-situ tests of facade components in demo buildings to ensure functionality and reliability. Furthermore, PM&VL8 works towards optimizing and industrializing a portable g-value measurement system for your accurate assessment of solar gains in various boundary conditions.

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